PSC RIFLE RANGE SHOOT SCHEDULE SPECIAL RANGE UPDATES: PSC RIFLE RANGE RULES & ORIENTATION (SAFETY FIRST! Read & Respect the BR Shooting Rules) RIFLE RANGE ETIQUETTE After using the Rifle Range facilities, please ensure the following is done:
  • Pick up your used brass and place into the brass container for recycling.
  • Do NOT place any duds or live ammo into this container. Take them back for proper disposal at a hazardous waste facility.
  • Sweep the floor if necessary.
  • Remove your fired targets and target backers from the target holder frames.
  • Dispose of used targets into the proper garbage can.
  • Be sure to close and lock down the shutters to prevent weather damage, especially during winter and storm seasons.
The Rifle Range Committee thanks you for your assistance.


ATA Winter Trap League – The winter league started on January 9th and will end on May 1st with the final shoot and medal presentations.

Note that shooters not registered in the winter trap league may still shoot targets during this period.

Awards to shooters based on the “Lewis Class System” – additional awards to ATA registered shooters.

Minimum targets consist of 50 sixteen (16) yard singles plus 50 doubles targets monthly plus 50 singles and 50 doubles again on the last day.

PSC Trap Shoots – 2021

They shoot trap every Wednesday and Saturday, starting at 11:00 am. Anyone can shoot. Those who are registered for the winter league shoot their league targets during these shoots.

For additional information contact:  For any additional info contact Terry Leblanc at 852-1352 or



For more info contact George Geldart at 756-2337 or

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